How to Structure The Perfect Blog Post

We are all aware that blog posts can be very complicated if not perfectly structured. There are several important steps that you can follow to help you in structuring your blog post for user-friendly and search engine optimization. A perfect structured blog post needs to have some unique features that we are going to learn in this article.

Every blogger is willing to provide blog posts that attract readers and keep them engaging with their blogs for more awesome content. Blog post structure starts all the way from the title, introduction, body, media, conclusion, and more.

So you have to tweak all of the mention blog features to consider them perfectly structured. Make sure to write your blog with crucial SEO in mind, your blog will not rank if you forget to use SEO at a glance. I highly recommend that you focus on Blog SEO when creating your blog content.


1. Headline

The first thing first is your blog post title, which is the reason visitors choose to click your blog in the search engine results. Your blog post title explains everything to the reader without you involved. Make sure your blog post headline briefly explains what your post is all about. Include the keyword you want to rank for as well as Blog SEO in mind.


2. Featured Image

Featured images play a dynamic role in the blogging industry. You can get free and easy traffic to your blog through featured images, as long as you have set them up the right way. Do not just copy and paste any images from google, but consider checking out the relevant ones. Your featured image must be clearly describing your blog post like it gives a brief description of what you are writing about.

Your featured image must also be placed in the right position, it must not be irritating or at an irrelevant place. Use high-resolution images that a reader can see nice but not just some random low-quality images. I recommend checking out free non-copyrighted image providers such as Pixabay, Pexel, Shutterstock, Getty Images, and more.


3. Meta Description

A meta description a.k.a snippet, search description, or meta tag, is simply the part of your blog post that appears in search engine results when visitors search for something. You have to make it short and briefly providing relevant information that a visitor is looking for/ searching for.


How to Structure The Perfect Blog Post


Even the web crawlers use the meta description to understand your blog post better and in this way, your blog will be ranked and appears in search engine results more frequently. Keep your meta tag nicely short and winning the reader’s interest. Do not forget to take care of keywords, simply make sure to include some keywords to favor your ranking in search engine results.


4. Blog Post Introduction

You now have your headline and featured image and meta tag ready, it is now time for the bad boy a.k.a the blog post introduction. The introduction is simply a brief overview of what you are going to talk about in the entire post. 

Here you have to think wisely and try to write something that will keep the reader interested and this will make him/her continue to read the whole article. Some readers also like it when an article contains a table of contents that he/she can use to navigate to different parts of the article.


5. Body

Keep in mind that the reason visitors come to your blog is because of the blog posts you publish. To make sure you drive as much traffic as you can, you need to do some tweaks to your blog posts, which is writing quality and compelling blog post body that can also be indexed by search engines and get your blog ranked. 

Provide the information according to your blog post title and introduction, not just some random non-relevant information. Make sure what you are writing in the blog post body is unique and of high quality.


6. Media

To make it, even more, easier for readers to consume your content fast, take into consideration the use of images, audio, or videos. Some sources show that articles with images are likely to get 94% of views than articles with no images or any other media. 

Also the human brain is very fast at understanding images than texts by more than 60,000 times. When using images, don’t forget to include the keyword in the alt, as well as the image description.


Final Thoughts

You have just made it to the end of this article and my final words are that, write high-quality blog posts that will rank in search engine results, keep the readers interested, and will also get shared on social media and other sharing platforms. Keep your blog SEO on point in any means. 

Keyword research must be your priority. Make use of media and an easily accessible table of content. When the visitor land on your blog make sure he/she will try to get another article and by this way, you just favor your ranking position in the search engine results.

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