State Farm Car Insurance Review 2022

State Farm Insurance is one of the major insurance companies in the United States, with nearly a century of experience. It began with automobile insurance and reached a million policies in 1944. Since then, State Farm has expanded to include other types of insurance, such as health, life, and home insurance, as well as a variety of financial services. State Farm has received fewer complaints from state regulators for life, home, and vehicle insurance than the industry average. It has a lot to offer, including excellent ratings and fantastic deals. Is it, however, the perfect firm for you?

Where is State Farm Insurance Available?

State Farm insurance covers all parts of the United States.

Types of Insurance Covered and Missing Coverages

State Farm provides a variety of auto insurance options, including underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage, as well as liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage. Depending on the service you desire, the organization also offers emergency roadside service, which includes battery or gas supply, towing, a locksmith for an hour, or mechanical labor. Ride-share drivers, such as those employed by Lyft and Uber, are covered by State Farm.

While the majority of these organizations provide insurance to their drivers, this add-on service provides you with additional protection. The company, on the other hand, does not provide new car replacement or gap coverage, which could be handy if a new vehicle is damaged. State Farm also excludes any bespoke equipment you may have installed to the vehicle from coverage.

State Farm also provides other types of insurance in addition to auto insurance, such as:

  • Home and property insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Boat insurance
  • Identity theft insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Ranch and farm insurance 
  • Condo insurance

Insurance Offers or Extras

1. State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save Program

You could be awarded for your excellent driving. They keep track of your driving patterns and reward you appropriately. You will receive a little device to install in your vehicle once you have been enrolled. This device records your driving habits, such as braking and acceleration. Before your insurance renews after a few months, an agent will analyze the data and modify the new premium based on your driving behavior. When you join this program, you will receive a 5% discount, and you will continue to save money with each renewal.

2. Classic and Antique Cars Coverage

State Farm is one of the few auto insurance providers that provide antique and classic vehicle coverage. Your car must, however, be adequately maintained or refurbished and driven on a restricted period to qualify. This coverage isn’t accessible online, so you’ll have to contact your local State Farm representative for a quotation.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

In both claims satisfaction and purchasing experience, the company was ranked marginally higher than its competitors. The little number of complaints received in contrast to the company’s size is a positive indicator of its customer happiness. According to complaints statistics from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), State Farm scored four out of five stars. S&P Global has given it an AA rating for its superior claims-paying ability.

AM Best has given the company an A++ rating for financial strength, indicating that it is financially secure enough to pay its clients’ insurance claims. This is the highest possible rating for an insurance firm. While they have the cash to pay for a claim, some consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s claim procedure and payment.

Customer Support

Customers are generally pleased with State Farm’s customer service. They have clearly stated their contact information so that you can contact the right agent. There are several phone numbers for filing life insurance claims, health insurance claims, auto glass claims, and auto/home/property insurance claims.

A 24-hour helpline is also available for emergency roadside assistance. You can pay for insurance through their app or by going online. For banking and investments, technical issues with your account, and general queries, there are separate contact numbers. Clients who are deaf or hard of hearing might also benefit from their services.

Comparison with Competitors

Here’s how State Farm vehicle insurance compares to some of its competitors:

Allstate Auto Insurance

When compared to Allstate vehicle insurance, State Farm auto insurance has lower average rates. Clients with a credit score of less than 520, on the other hand, can get better rates from Allstate. State Farm is the way to go if you have an excellent credit score. Both firms provide a clear and straightforward lawsuit filing procedure. When compared to Allstate, State Farm has a greater customer satisfaction rate.

State Farm has a lower number of optional coverage alternatives than Allstate. They also provide gap insurance and new automobile replacement, something State Farm does not provide. In comparison to their competitors, both of these companies have received fewer complaints from state regulators.

Geico Auto Insurance

Geico has a more affordable representative rate. It’s a fantastic choice for people who have bad credit. Customer satisfaction was good for both companies. In comparison to other top competitors, Geico offers the most affordable auto insurance. Geico provides more technological solutions, like an app that monitors auto upkeep and virtual support.

State Farm, on the other hand, offers various discounts, such as the Steer Clear program and the Drive Safe & Save program. Geico also provides mechanical breakdown and accident forgiveness coverage. State Farm, on the other hand, offers usage-based insurance.

Progressive Auto Insurance

According to three years of statistics, Progressive has the fewest complaints. State Farm, on the other hand, has a low number of client complaints. State Farm is significantly less expensive than Progressive, yet it has higher customer satisfaction ratings. Progressive, on the other hand, offers a wide selection of coverage alternatives that State Farm does not.

While State Farm only offers usage-based insurance, Progressive offers custom parts coverage, deductible rewards, accident forgiveness, and gap insurance in addition to usage-based insurance. Progressive also provides voice help with Google Home.

Claims Handling

The process of making a claim with State Farm is rather straightforward. You can file a claim via the mobile app or by going online. To begin the claim, you might consult with your agent or phone them. The company will begin reviewing your claim after you have submitted it. They compute the damage or loss and determine whether the incident is covered by your policy. After a few weeks, a representative will contact you to clarify the coverage, request additional information, or advise you of the next steps.

Following that, you will be given repair alternatives and estimates to assist you in making the best selection possible. The cost will be determined by the extent of the damage and the nature of the incident. The payment is then made in accordance with the conditions of your insurance.

State Farm may pay the repairer immediately, transfer the funds to your account, or mail the payment to you. State Farm pays the customer a judgment or settlement award check if the case is won by the client. The money would arrive in two to three weeks. Your lawyer will settle payments to your attorneys, medical providers, and others, and you will receive the balance.

Final Thoughts

State Farm has established itself as one of the industry’s top vehicle insurance providers. Their service is appropriate for married couples or those in their forties and fifties. Furthermore, because you can acquire a low rate, it is also excellent for people with a clean record. In addition, the insurance business provides some excellent discounts that will help you save money on your premium. You can participate in the Drive Safe & Save and Steer Clear programs. State Farm’s service is well worth the money, despite its high cost.

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