Sigourney Weaver ‘is never going to retire’ from acting


Sigourney Weaver ‘is never going to retire’ from acting

Sigourney Weaver isn’t quitting acting.

The beloved actress is popularly known for her classics such as Alien and Ghostbusters is busier than ever as she has three more movies slated for release this year alone.

Ina recent interview with fellow actress Elizabeth Banks for Interview Magazinewhere she revealed why she wants to keep working.

Weaver revealed she has five new projects coming out in the next few years, which prompted Banks to say, ‘I don’t think you’re retiring anytime soon.’

Weaver responded, ‘I would hope not because I probably enjoy it more now than ever. I’m fine that I might be the oldest person on the set.’

She added there is a period where she goes, ‘Oh my god, it’s happening again,’ bu that quickly subsides.

‘But then, I get the joy and the explosion of letting this person out to live. And it’s the most exhilarating thing in the world,’ she said.

When asked about what she considers when taking on a film, Weaver said, ‘I primarily think of women when I choose scripts. Is it about something greater than the characters themselves? And is it something that I consider important?’

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