Serena Williams retirement update: Stop the presses, the queen of tennis lives another day


Huge smile, clenched fist and a 40-year-old who never ceases to be amazed by the support at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Serena Williams defeated Anett Kontaveit in three sets, 7-6, 2-6, 6-2 to keep her legend alive.

Serena Williams showed up at Arthur Ashe Stadium for her second match in what she announced would be her last US Openand did not disappoint the more than 20 thousand fans who paid their tickets to watch the queen of American tennis in her match against Anett Kontaveit of Estonia.

Serena & Venus to play doubles one more time at US Open

A match to remember forever

The first set was a concert of good tennis from Serena’s rival, Kontaveit, who is only 26 years oldagainst Williams’ 40. The U.S. player did not lag behind and kept the same level, power and speed of her opponent, 14 years her junior.

The difference in the first set was just one point, Serena won 48 to Kontaveit’s 47, and it took a tie-break to decide the winner of the first set.

A very different second set for Serena Williams

‘I can’t do this forever’ – Serena Williams hints at retirement day before ‘evolving’ revelationAP

With the advantage of winning the first set, Serena Williams relaxed and slowed down a bit, something that took advantage of perfectly the Estonian, who showed why she is number two in the WTA rankings.

Three breaks for Kontaveit, one for Williams, but the second set was won by the Estonian player by 6-2 and the entire Arthur Ashe applauded with all their strength to encourage a Serena who came out to play as if it were her first U.S. Open.

After reflecting on the set she lost, Serena Williams took a deep breath, calmed down, looked at her box and received a nod from her sister Venuswho gave her the sign that she could, and went out to eat her rival.

Dream third set for Serena Williams

From the very beginning of the third set, Serena Williams knew that this could be her last chance to stay alive and she did not want to leave the Arthur Ashe lights.

Williams increased the power of her strokes, placed them better, and the fans were delivered on every point and it was seen as the American breathed that support and that energy that the people injected her.

With the partial 4-2 and 40-30 in favor of Serena, the Estonian player dominated the point and moved Williams from side to side, but the desire and energy of the 40-year-old helped her to hold the point with ease, and after three defensive shots, she went to the net and hit a volley against Anett and put things 5-2 and the Arthur Ashe was a living cauldron.

The following was a concert of errors by Kontaveit and Serena won the last set by 6-2 and 7-5, 2-6 and 6-2 to advance to the third round, where she will face Ajla Tomljanovica 33-year-old tennis player.

The queen Serena Williams won and tennis fans will have one more opportunity to see the six-time US Open winner.

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