Satellite imagery from southwestern Punjab shows grim flood situation in Pakistan


With the death toll due to floods rising to more than 1,000 since mid-June, the situation across Pakistan has been deteriorating each day; so much so that the South Asian state has declared a national emergency. Around 1 million houses are totally or partially damaged and around 33 million people are still in peril across the region, hence forcing many to displace from their original homes.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has recently released an infographic showing the province-wise flood situation of Pakistan with all the relevant figures till 24 August.

Province-wise monsoon flood situation update as of August 24. (Credits: UN-FAO)

According to Sherry Rehman, Pakistan’s federal minister for climate change, one-third of Pakistan is now under water.

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One of the major flood-affected region which is situated on the banks of the Indus is the Rajanpur district of the Punjab province where the situation is so grim that the Pakistani Army soldiers have been deployed for rescue and relief work and are bringing food for the populace so as to counter possible famine around the region.
Satellite Imagery provided by Maxar of the Rajanpur district between 24 March and 28 August respectively shows in actuality how dire the situation has become for its inhabitants.

Indus River before and after flood. (Credits: Maxar)

The imagery of the inundation of Indus makes crystal clear the severity of the floods in Pakistan.

A patch of land in Rajanpur, Pakistan, before and after the flood. (Credits: Maxar)

The crops across the region have been ravaged as a result of this, hence further relegating the already crumbled Pakistani economy.

Rojhan tehsil of Rajanpur, Pakistan before and after flood (Credits: Maxar)

The stark difference between the two satellite images of Rojhan tehsil which falls under Rajanpur within a span of just few months.

A village in Rajanpur, Pakistan, before and after flood. (Credits: Maxar)

According to The Nation, a popular Pakistani media outlet, the provincial minister reached the Mubarak canal on west side of Rajanpur on 22 August and directed the district administration to strengthen the embankments of Mubarak canal to forestall the situation from aggravating further. In addition, he also met flood victims and inquired about the assistance they received from the government. He further assured the people that the government will take every possible action and will not let them feel deprived.

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