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We all wish to live long, we all wish for others to live long. But little do we know what it takes to actually live long. The oldest man living in the UK shares his secrets to longevity. 110 year old, John Alfred Tinniswood, has shared pearls of wisdom, in which he tells what helped him to live this long.

Received the 10th birthday card from the Queen on his 110th birthday

Tinniswood has received the 10th birthday card from the Queen. Ever since he turned 100 in 2012 he has been receiving birthday cards every year from the Queen.

Traditionally, the Queen sends wishes and messages to those celebrating their 100th and 105th birthdays and every year after that. Congratulatory messages are also sent to those who celebrate their 60th, 65th and 70th wedding anniversaries. “Each year, thousands of birthday and wedding anniversary cards are sent on behalf of The Queen to people celebrating significant birthdays and wedding anniversaries,” the Royal website reads.

“I keep up with my friends”

Born in 1912, the centenarian does not feel old. He says, “I keep up with my friends”.

He has lived through two World Wars, the Spanish flu and the COVID pandemic.

This positive side of his nature can be attributed to the healthy and long life he has right now.

Walking is important

In an interview, he has revealed that walking is his favorite activity. He still tries to walk, though his mobility has been challenged to some extent.

“Swinging your legs about is good exercise. Each day, swinging the left foot and the right,” he says.

Walking is considered to be one of the most effective and low impact workouts. It works on several muscles at the same time.

Tinniswood loves walking around his care home in his trolley.

Doing things in moderation

Of the several things that have helped him to reach this far, he reveals, the most effective one has been doing things in moderation. Eating in moderation, drinking in moderation can help the body to remain healthy, he says. He also emphasizes moderation in all physical and non-physical activities including exercising, writing, and even listening.

A true gentleman

Tinniswood’s care home manager, Katie Howard is all praises about Tinniswood. Calling him an amazing individual with many stories, she told the BBC that he is a true gentleman.

Tinniswood was born in Liverpool.

“He enjoys reading the paper and listening to music,” Katie adds.

Words of motivation

He suggests not to stay with one thing. “…else you will be on a narrow path,” he says.

“So many people today are like sheep, a lot of people go through life not thinking for themselves,” he told BBC.

Tinniswood is an example of how good mental health is the key to a long and prosperous life.

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