Poll: Do you let your phone hit zero before charging?


Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Today’s smartphones generally have fast charging capabilities, with a full charge possible in an hour or less for many brands. So even if your phone hits zero, you don’t have to wait long to get up and running again.

But do you actually let your device hit zero before reaching for the charger? That’s what we’d like to find out in our featured poll today. So choose and answer below and leave a comment if you’ve got more on your mind.

Do you let your phone hit zero before charging it?

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We can see why some people would let their phone hit zero before charging. Maybe you aren’t extremely dependent on your phone for entertainment and communication, using a tablet or PC instead, or being content with the TV. So a dead phone might not be a big deal in that case. There are also those times when you might not have any choice but to let your phone hit zero, such as if you aren’t near a power point or power bank but are still using the handset.

Then again, we can totally understand if you plug in before the device hits zero. I know I try to charge my phone before it dies because I simply don’t want to deal with a dead phone at an inopportune time.

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