OU Gaming Club Kicks Off 2022 with Back to School – Sooner Esports


At the core of OU Esports and OU Gaming Club is community. As the organization expands its reach with plans like the Cross Village renovations, more people will be able to join and find community in places.

Jacob Newell, a sophomore and competitor for the Smash Bros. team, said he was excited for more Smash Bros. and more people to play with, especially at Smash Dojo.

“There’s so many people we get (at Smash Dojo),” Newel said. “Even at this back to school event, we’re meeting all these new students and getting to play games with them.”

Although OU Gaming Club is wrapping up its back to school event, that does not mean the fun will stop. With more events coming up, such as Super Smash Dojo, Bedlam and Red River, as well as new expansions to OU Esports, there is a lot to look forward to on the horizon.

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