“One Hundred Won Butler” Announces Lead Cast Top-Billed By Lee Hyeri and Lee Jun Young


MBC’s new midweek drama, One Hundred Won Butlerhas unveiled the main cast.

Lee Hyeri, Lee Jun Young, Song Deok Ho, Han Dong Hee, Tae In Ho, Lee Kyu Han and Oh Dae Hwan are confirmed to appear in the series.

Directed by Shim So-yeon and penned by Park Seon-young and Lee Seon-hye; One Hundred Won Butler chronicles a unique collaboration that endows earnest desire.

In the drama, a funeral director grants the wishes of the deceased. She partners with a man whose work is running errands.

They listen to requests and help the dead and the living achieve those wishes. Creepy but warm, ironic but heartbreaking, the bizarre requests and adventures will gift heartening stories and pleasant laughter.

Portraying the role of Baek Dong-ju, the funeral director is Lee Hyeri (My Roommate is a Gumiho)  She has the ability to communicate with dead people hence she can grant any wishes from the deceased.

Actually, it’s more of she is left with no choice but to grant it because she goes into a luckless predicament if she can’t fulfill a dead person’s wish.

Expectations are high as to what Lee Hyeri’s delightful charm can bring into the character of Dong-ju.

Meanwhile, Lee Jun Young (Let Me Be Your Knight) takes the role of Butler Kim, an employee of a daily errand service. A man of reversal, he reveals his solid inner side at important moments.

He is a go-to guy who ‘helps with anything’, running wherever the customer wants even in trivial matters of the world. He gets entangled with the strange Dong-ju and works on a project that transcends life and death.

Lee Jun Young, who has established himself as a reliable actor, is expected to add zest to the already charming narrative of One Hundred Won Butler.

The production team promises a healing effect in this latest KBS series.

“The synergy created by characters to the unique material is to be anticipated. It would be good to look forward to the daily performances of the actors who will double the charm of the characters. The various stories and unusual requests of the deceased who have not been able to tell the people who were left behind will provide warm laughter and empathy.”

One Hundred Won Butler is scheduled to air in October.

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