On Hellokpop Playlist: SHINee’s Key Sets The World Ablaze In 2nd Full Album “Gasoline”


Key returns after 11 months with an explosive full album demonstrating his overflowing confidence!

SHINee’s Key returns with a blazing fire with his 2nd full album, Gasolinehaving global Shawol blessed with his fabulousness.

The Kpop industry went up in flames as soon as Key launched his full solo album, headlined by the title track of the same name, through various music sites on August 30 at 6:00 PM KST.

Returning after about 11 months with the first mini-album BAD LOVE in September 2021, the all-rounder artist displays a fresh, irresistible charm with an improved concept, sound, and color that only he can pull off.

After bringing fans on a trip to outer space with BAD LOVEKey creates his own universe with this release. Packed with 11 tracks across multiple genres, Gasoline is an album where everyone can enjoy Key-ro’s magnificence.


In “Gasoline,” Key shines his brilliance over what has been described as an impressive hip-hop dance track with a vivid and majestic brass sound. Key’s journey towards his own way is depicted in this title track, which opens with powerful drums and a brief yet captivating chant, much like the explosive firepower of gasoline.

Specifically, the lyrics show his overflowing confidence and ambition. “It’s not about the trophy, I’m just driving on my own / Yells and fouls all around / But it’s all the same when it goes up in flames”

The a-list artist also appears to turn on his light in the song’s music video, at which point he becomes a mystical ruler of an eternal kingdom. Key’s charismatic performance, along with his dazzling and enticing costumes, conjure images of a god eager to swallow all power and leaves an indelible impact on the audience and unrealistic visuals that will never leave one’s memory.


The wonderful album continues with “Bound,” a catchy pop tune with an upbeat tempo, a groovy bassline, and clap sounds in the background that captivates. It opens with Key’s low-toned voice, which is enough to win over listeners all around the world. The lyrics dramatically convey his determination to overcome his limitations.


“Villain” is noteworthy because of its rhythmical synths and vivid sound effects. The song features NCT’s Jeno, which raises curiosity about how the two’s distinctive sounds will blend to create such a masterpiece.

Lyrically, “Villain” plays with the trope of the hero defeating the villain. Since the villain dreams of becoming the main character in his own story, which is brilliantly told through the song’s characterful lyrics. There is a strong feeling of immersion as if you are watching a scene from a movie when listening to this song.

shinee key gasoline


“Burn” is a pop song that combines emotional piano riffs, the presence of bass, and rhythmical electric guitar sounds. The song compares a relationship that only hurts each other to a burning flame. And eventually, the lyrics deal with ending the relationship calmly and with dignity.

“A love that only hurts is so tragic / Only a page of ashes will remain / Even the traces will scatter / We’d both end up burned / Without regrets, let it burn”

“Guilty Pleasure”

In “Guilty Pleasure,” Key channels his inner retro king and returns more vital than ever. The track is in the synth-wave genre with a retro synthesizer and an analog texture base to evoke a hazy, daydreamy atmosphere. The lyrics paint a picture of someone being drawn in by their natural instincts despite knowing well that they are entering a relationship that will end soon.

“G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time)”

“Greatest Of All Time” is a pop ballad song that features a dreamy soundscape of bells, a synth, and a smooth, textured bass line that creates a gentle sense of nostalgia. The song’s second half has an orchestra that builds on the fantasy atmosphere established in the first. Not only did Key help pen the song’s lyrics, but his contributions made the song’s message all the more meaningful. The lyrics reflect his sincere and honest concerns about becoming an adult.

shinee key gasoline

“I Can’t Sleep”

“I Can’t Sleep” is a high-energy pop song with a cheerful electric guitar riff and a memorable chorus. Key also wrote the song’s lyrics, using his wit and sense to tell the story of his inability to fall asleep and a daily grind, in which his mornings never felt the same as everyone else’s. “I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep no more / It’s already 4AM / Even if it gets brighter outside / Without an alarm, I’m already awake”

“Ain’t Gonna Dance”

The pop song “Ain’t Gonna Dance” has a moderate tempo, and it describes, with finesse, the close distance between two people who do not rush to declare their affections for one another. The song has an oddly calming background atmosphere, a pulsating 808 bassline, and an ear-catching drum loop.

“Don’t dare to show your heart / Even if you don’t say it, I’m already feeling it / You will come to me slowly / But let me make it clear”

“Another Life”

With its sprinting synth sound, the electronic pop song “Another Life” evokes a powerful and intriguing atmosphere. Key’s musical color is more clearly in sync with the spatial sound in the lyrical content of leaving for another life beyond the universe toward eternal love. His seductive performance, enhanced by his refined visual beauty in the special video released ahead of his comeback, adds to the track’s already ethereal vibe.

“Leave all the madness / And let go / To another life / Up to Atlantis / Let go / To another life / And we’ll be alright”


Another disco pop tune, “Delight”, conjures up a nostalgic atmosphere with its warm keyboard, organ riffs, funky bassline, and crisp percussion beat. The lyrics melt the strange and unfamiliar feelings upon falling in love for the first time using unrealistic and exaggerated expressions.


Lastly, “Proud” is an R&B song that fuses hip-hop drum beats, 808 basslines, soulful piano, and guitar sounds. Again contributing to the song’s lyrics, Key found inspiration from a passage in his mother’s parenting diary. It conveys special significance to the “star” that has always stood by his side through thick and thin.

A lyric video for the song was also released on August 27, which received a positive response from global fans as it offers an emotional view of Key’s childhood and how he became the star he is today.

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