New Summoner’s Cup Unveiled – Five Points for Five Champions


Recently a new Summoner’s Cup was announced by Riot. The new cup form Tiffany & Co replaces the old version of the trophy for Worlds winners. The trophy isn’t the biggest change. However, it has become an iconic part of the tournament.

The initial news had some fans worried that the new trophy wasn’t going to live up to the original. With its impressive size and weight, the old Summoner’s Cup was pretty recognisable. The latest trophy is being made by Tiffany & Co. It’s got a new design.

Now it’s unveiled, how does it compare?

New Summoner’s Cup Unveiled

The new Summoner’s Cup has just been unveiled by Riot. The release video showcased some of the past winners in the game, before doing a physical unveiling of a brand-new trophy.

The new version of the cup features a cleaner design with separate handles to fit the team sizes for the tournament. It’s a bit less bejewelled than the previous cup, but still sports some LoL iconography. The 5-handle section is definitely a nice touch here. This is an inclusion that feels like it should have been a feature of the trophy all along.

The new Summoner’s Cup isn’t quite as brash and over the top as the last one. However, it still looks impressive. This is a trophy with a bit more thought behind it. It might not have the shock and awe factor, but it’s a uniquely esports-centric design. It is bound to become recognisable.

The new design is much simpler, although it has a few features which stand out. The team engravings and lane symbols add a bit more history to the trophy. Having five handles and some icons also help to make it suit the World Championship specifically a lot better.

Some fans are already decrying the change for going with something a bit simpler. While it’s an understandable complaint compared to the past cup, there’s a lot to like with the new Summoner’s Cup. The five handled cup is perfectly suited for the victory celebration of Worlds.

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