Need for Speed 2022: All leaks about release, gameplay & story at a glance


There are many new rumours about the new Need for Speed by Criterion Games. We have collected all the leaks and a leaked gameplay video for you.

For a long time it was quiet about the new Need for Speed, which is rumoured to be released this year. But in the past weeks more and more new details about the new game by Criterion Games, who are responsible for the Burnout series and various NFS spin-offs, have leaked out.

Now, for the first time, a short gameplay video has surfaced – reason enough for us to collect all the current rumours and record them in an article.

All known leaks & rumours about Need For Speed 2022

Release: When will NFS 2022 be released?

In April 2022, well-known industry insider Jeff Grubb was still confident that Need For Speed 2022 would be released as early as November this year:

A few days ago he published an update on Twitter: The not yet officially announced release is said to have been postponed by one month, NFS 2022 will thus be released in December

Gameplay: What can you expect from NFS 2022?

On Reddit, user TopRamanNoodl3s has made a name for himself in recent weeks with detailed leaks about the new NFS.

The most important points of his posts in the subreddit GamingLeaksAndRumours are summarised here for you:

  • The upgrade system has been significantly simplified and is now supposed to work similar to Forza Horizon, where the vehicles are divided into different classes (S, A, B etc.).
  • Car Meetups: In these lobbies you can meet other players, hold one-on-one races and bet on other players” races.
  • The Speedcross Mode Returns
  • There shall be no drag races
  • Also missing are drift events

User AlexKVideos1 shared on (Imgur) a short clip that is supposed to show real gameplay from an early version from 2021:

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The comic effects are particularly striking here: When you jump, your car is apparently supposed to grow wings, and when you crash, a small skull appears.

Industry insider Shaun Weber explained in a tweet at the end of June that anime effects in the new Need for Speed, such as smoke or cartoon-style wind, are only placeholders and not part of the final game. It is unclear so far if Weber is also referring to the icons in the clip above:

First Story Details

Last but not least TopRamanNoodl3s published some small details about story and setting. Similar to Need For Speed Heat, great importance is attached to the inclusion of different origins, genders and cultures.

His contact at EA also claims to have shown him the intro video of the campaign: Here you will see a doorless BMW doing donuts to Latin American music.

What do you expect from the new Need For Speed? Do the leaks make you confident or do the strange comic effects make you lose interest? Write it down in the comments!

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