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In his August 29 Twitch stream, 100 Thieves owner Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag called out LCS fans for their lack of support for 100T, despite their continued success in North America.

Ever since their entry into the LCS in 2018, 100 Thieves have been one of the best-performing League of Legends rosters in North America. They’ve played in three regional finals, attended two World Championships, and have just qualified for a third after securing their spot at Worlds 2022.

But, according to owner Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, that high performance hasn’t been met with the level of fan support that the org is happy with.

On his stream, in which he discussed 100 Thieves drama with ex-content creator Erind ‘Froste’ PukaNadeshot called out LCS fans for a lack of support for 100 Thieves from the NA LoL community.

The section in question begins at 1:22:15

In the video, he claims that the crowd at the LCS Spring finals was “dominated” by EG fans, and that it “shook” him to see how little comparative support there was for 100T.

“We have invested a lot of our time and resources into making content – a lot of teams aren’t doing that – and we’ve done our best to give you guys a League of Legends program that you could be proud of, even if you came in ten years ago.”

Where are the 100 Thieves fans?

Nadeshot went on to issue a plea to his viewers during the livestream, asking for their support for the 100 Thieves roster during their games at the LCS Summer finals in Chicago.

“If you could do me one favor- if you come out to Chicago, just show those players some love. After the performance they’ve had in the last three splits, it would mean the world to me personally. Because I know they can hear the crowds.”

He explained that he understood some of the lack of support for 100 Thieves roster due to their lack of North American talent – comparing the team to a roster like Evil Geniuses, who have built their brand around bringing up NA rookies.

“I know everybody wants to see North American talent on stage representing our region, but you’re in a position where you’ve got to win or people aren’t going to root for you anyways. We brought these players in from Golden Guardians, and I think they’re one of the most consistent rosters we’ve had in the LCS in a very long time”.

100 Thieves’ next matchup will be against Cloud9, who they’ll face in the upper bracket of the playoffs. If they win, they’ll secure their spot in the LCS Summer final – if they lose, they’ll drop into the lower bracket where they’ll have one more chance at finals before elimination.

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