MicroStrategy And Its Executive Chairman Michael Saylor Are Being Sued For Tax Fraud


  • Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy are being sued by D.C.
  • The complaint alleges the former CEO conspired with the company to commit tax evasion.
  • The lawsuit calls for more than $25 million in back-taxes and penalties.

The largest corporate holder of bitcoin, MicroStrategy, and its Executive Chairman Michael Saylor are being sued by the District of Columbia (D.C.) for alleged tax fraud, per an announcement from the D.C. Attorney General.

The complaint alleges that Saylor knowingly avoided income taxes to D.C. while fraudulently claiming to be a resident of a lower tax jurisdiction while maintaining his residence in D.C. Additionally, the complaint alleges that MicroStrategy conspired with Saylor by intentionally obfuscating his real address to local and federal tax authorities.

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