Meghan Markle ‘telling the world’ Prince Harry’s ‘incredibly private fear’


Meghan Markle has been accused of ‘ousting’ Prince Harry and his emotions ‘on a public platform’.

This revelation has been issued by royal journalist Andrew Pierce, in his interview with GB News.

he started the admission by pointing out ‘shockingly intimate’ detail Meghan let slip about Prince Harry’s emotions.

The expert began by saying, “The thing I think is most shocking is she says that Harry told her he thinks he has lost his father too, the way that she has lost hers.”

“If he did tell her that, why is she revealing that to a New York magazine? Isn’t that incredibly private?”

“This is a woman who says her privacy is constantly invaded by my newspaper and other newspapers, revealing something that Harry had told her in confidence.”

“They then had to put a statement out, getting it clarified a few hours later by that chap who wrote the book all about them.”

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