Here’s Why #APOLOGIZETOMOMOLAND Is Trending Worldwide As Fans Show Support To The Iconic Girl Group


If you’ve been on Twitter for the last couple of hours, you must have noticed a trending hashtag virtually all over the world – “#APOLOGIZETOMOMOLAND”. This comes in light of MOMOLAND member JooE‘s participation in the JTBC idol survival show “The Second World”, which premiered on August 30, 2022.

For those who might not know, “The Second World” is a competition show featuring female idols who officially hold “rapper” positions in their groups but are also amazing vocalists. Through this, the show aims to break the prejudice that many idol rappers face when audiences think that they are not good enough as singers.


Participating contestants include YuBin, formerly of Wonder Girls, Shin JiMin, formerly of AOA, MoonByul of MAMAMOO, Mimi of OH MY GIRL, Exy of WJSNJooE of MOMOLAND, Moon Sua of Billlieand Kim SeonYou of CLASS:y. The show is hosted by Paul Kim and judged by Kim BumSoo, Jung Yup, Apink‘s Jeong EunJi, BTOB’s EunKwangand MeloMance’s Kim MinSeok.

In the first episode of the show, the MOMOLAND members came together to show their support for JooE. However, the revelations they made during this time shook the internet. It is no surprise that MOMOLAND suffered innumerable blows to their career and shine owing to the departure of 3 members and malicious rumours. However, they continued to persevere, endure and expand on a global scale, making them true inspirations. Earlier this year, MOMOLAND became the first Korean act to be nominated for the 2022 Juventud Awards with their song ‘Yummy Yummy Love’ ft. Natti Natasha. The group has also consistently contributed to philanthropic efforts, such as supporting the “Good Water Project” program of Gugah Nurani Indonesia in July 2022, to help provide children with clean drinking water. Needless to say, MOMOLAND will always be incomparable.

Little did we know that the members were silently suffering throughout this time from stage fright which naturally conflicted with their longing for the stage. JooE shared that back in the day, when she drew attention, she figured that it was natural. However, now, if she draws attention, she is anxious about it being something controversial, which leads her to mull over what she might have done wrong. The nervousness she felt in the early days of her career was excitement, whereas now, it has transformed into fear, which is why she has lost her confidence. This is especially heartbreaking, knowing how JooE was known for being bright, lively, and spirited.

Nancy added that when she goes on the stage to perform now, she often finds herself wondering whether there’s even anyone in the audience to cheer them on. The unrelenting and unwarranted criticism, blatant hatred, and mindless slander MOMOLAND has faced deserves an apology, and that is precisely why Merry-Go-Round are trending the hashtag #APOLOGIZETOMOMOLAND, citing the wrongful treatment of one of the most talented groups in all of K-Pop.

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