Don’t expect to get a charger with your Oppo phone next year


Despite the growing trend of not including chargers with new phones, Oppo was one of the few smartphone manufacturers that continued to keep them in the box. Now, it looks like the company will be joining the rest of the industry, at least partially.

According to Android PoliceOppo’s Vice President of Overseas Sales and Services, Billy Zhang, revealed in a group interview that the company will be cutting the charger from the box for some of its products. “We will take the charger out of the box in the next year for several products. We have a plan,” Zhang said during the interview.

Although Zhang reportedly wouldn’t confirm which devices would see the charger dropped from the box, comments Zhang made later on suggest that Oppo could be taking a strategic approach to its decision, with some markets getting it and some not.

It’s not that easy for consumers to get access to [SuperVOOC chargers]so we have to keep it in the box. However, as we are expanding our business operations, we are looking to taking chargers out of the box and put them in the store so that our users are able to buy the chargers and continue using them even when they upgrade their devices.

Based on the comment, it appears Oppo is taking SuperVOOC compatible charger availability into consideration as to where they plan on implementing its strategy. Seeing as it wants to put its chargers in stores, is it possible the company could be thinking about eventually removing chargers across all of its devices in the future? We’ll have to wait to find out.

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