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AngelBlock is a platform that connects knowledgeable investors with vetted, notable crypto and FinTech startups. The goal is to enable fully on-chain, decentralised financing and support from investors to new ventures in the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and FinTech space that focus on early-stage investments. In addition to supporting three promising startups with a 90,000 USDT grant programme, the team is getting ready to launch the fundraising platform in Q4 of this year. Along with receiving 30,000 USDT each, the grant winners will also be listed on the platform for fundraising purposes and given mentoring access to the core AngelBlock team.

Grant requests will be accepted starting on August 31 and ending on September 30, 2022. The winners will be announced the week of October 10, 2022, after a review period of about a week. The team will consider startups that want to conduct a token sale are prepared to raise money and are willing to do so on Ethereum in USDT, USDC, and/or DAI. There may also be additional terms and conditions, which are listed here.

Alex Strzesniewski, AngelBlock CEO, says: “We saw this crypto winter as an opportunity to not only help some promising startups but also as a great way to showcase our unique solution to what we think is one of the biggest blockers in this space.”


AngelBlock was developed for a variety of reasons. The team’s realisation of the urgent need to address the barriers to cryptocurrency fundraising matters most.

Holdings post-raise are not sufficiently decentralised, there is a lack of investor protection and transparency, startups are not held sufficiently accountable for their milestones, and there is the obvious issue of VCs dumping on retail even though both parties participated in the same round. AngelBlock’s goal in the digital assets ecosystem is to create as much value as possible for investors, startups, and their communities.




COO Max Torres said: “The easiest way to describe AngelBlock would be to call it a DeFi protocol focused on fixing the problems of fundraising within the space. Our solution works solely on smart contracts and adds much-needed transparency and decentralization to the fundraising process. Investors can vote on startup milestones and track everything on-chain, which means governance out-of-the-box from day 1 – that’s really cool.”

The team launched their AngelBlock NFTs in Q2 2022 and continued to build throughout 2021 and 2022 to unlock platform benefits. The AngelBlock protocol and platform v1.0 launch is scheduled for October 2022, and that same month will also see the $THOL Token Generation Event.

AngelBlock’s mission is to build a community of investors, supporters, and entrepreneurs developing innovation in crypto sustainably. To apply to the AngelBlock Startup Grant Program, click here.

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