Blog SEO – Search Engine Optimization Guide

What is Blog SEO?

Blog SEO is the practice/steps to optimize your blog content such as blog posts, images, videos, architecture, and HTML to rank and load fast in search engines. Blog SEO mainly includes on-page optimization a.k.a on-page SEO, plugin installation, page loading speed improvement as well as internal linking practice.


Understanding Why Blog SEO is Important

The fact is that there are many ways to get traffic to your blog, many people recommend that search engine traffic e.g from Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo or Firefox search results is the most valuable and long-term reliable. Simply means that if you do proper keyword research and rank for those keywords in search engine results, it can be a good advantage for you since traffic equals sales and sales equals income a.k.a money. 

Some useful blogging statistics show that more than 1000 bloggers get 3rd of their traffic from Search Engine Optimization a.k.a search engine results traffic.


Best Blog SEO Practices

1. Keyword Research

One of the best and most important Blog SEO practices is finding keywords. Each blog post on your blog must be represented by one keyword well researched. To avoid confusing search engines on guessing what your content is all about, try to make them understand. In this way, you will secure your place in search engine results without any problem. 

For beginners, I recommend that you go with long-tail keywords e.g “digital marketing tips that convert well” instead of “digital marketing tips“. There is one easy way to find long-tail keywords without any paid tools, simply typing your queries in search engines and explore the search engine suggestions underneath the search bar, straightforward.

Blog SEO - Search Engine Optimization Guide

2. Blog Post Optimization

Now that you are done with step 1, let’s move on to step 2. You now have a long-tail keyword well researched and ready to be published. let’s start optimizing your blog post before publishing. The first thing to take care of is your blog post title, link, and snippet. Make sure to include your keyword in both your blog post title, link, media, and snippet a.k.a description.

Blog SEO - Search Engine Optimization Guide

Make sure to not forget to include the keyword in both the introduction and conclusion of your blog post. Try also to include a table of content in your blog posts to make it easy for visitors to navigate through your blog post. If you have some useful blog posts available on your blog and you want to link to them, feel free since this will skyrocket your Blog SEO.


3. Setting Up SEO Plugins

There are many different SEO plugins that you can install to your website and automate Blog SEO practices easily. With SEO plugins, you will expect SEO-optimized blog post titles and meta descriptions as well, sitemap integration that will help search engines to find your content and rank them easily as well as clean content links without any issues.

Here are some SEO plugins to check out for your blog:

4. Setting Up Blog Sitemap

For search engines to understand what your blog is all about, you need a sitemap that will help you to submit your content to different search engines on the internet. Google will crawl and index your blog content through the sitemap so, I highly recommend having it set up and ready. Basically, all SEO plugins will provide you with a sitemap integration feature.


Blog SEO - Search Engine Optimization Guide


5. Blog Post Regular Updates

Your blog will not rank in search engine results if your content is not up-to-date. Make sure to update your blog posts regularly e.g if you have a blog post about “10 Best SEO Plugins for Bloggers in 2020”, please update it to “10 Best SEO Plugins for Bloggers in 2021”. This way your blog post is up-to-date and ready to rank in search engine results. OUTDATED CONTENT EQUALS TO NO RANKING!


6. Backlink Building

There is a concept going on the internet, that if you have other blogs linking back to your blog, you will rank fast in search engine results, which is true. Link building is one of the most important Blog SEO practices. The clue behind this concept is that search engines will trust your blog since there are so many blogs talking (linking) about it. 

It’s like you have some value that everyone needs. The more backlinks your blog gets, the high your chance to rank in search engine results.


Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that Blog SEO is not a 100-meter sprint, take it as a marathon, the long way to success. It’s not that easy to rank in search engine results but if you rank for one keyword, it will be an advantage for your blog. At least try to rank for 1 or 2 keywords then run the marathon until you rank for more. 

Blog SEO practices mentioned in this article do not guarantee the best from Search Engine Optimization, they are simply regarded as the key to success with Blog SEO.

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