Amazon Affiliate Program: A Simple Guide to Boost Income

The Amazon Affiliate Program, well known as Amazon Associates is one of the best ways to monetize your blog and make some income. The good thing is that the sign-up process is very simple and the approval is very fast than other affiliate programs. You simply apply, get approved, place links or ads on your blog, and start earning commissions when someone purchases through your links.

Many of you will ask, how to get started? don’t worry I will provide you with some straightforward step by steps on how to get started with Amazon Affiliate.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

The Amazon Affiliate Program a.k.a Amazon Associates is simply a free affiliate program for bloggers and influencers. They provide you with affiliate tools to place on your blog or to promote and when customers make purchases through your affiliate links or banners, you will be compensated with a small percentage.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is simply a marketing strategy whereby online retailers provide blog owners the opportunity to earn income from their blog by promoting their products or services. They provide bloggers or influencers with unique tracking links a.k.a affiliate links that they can place on their blogs for visitors to make purchases. 

There are so many affiliate programs available in the industry, some are good some are not. I highly recommend you to research before you choose an affiliate program yet. For example, if your blog is about gadgets, you can promote products such as laptops, smartphones, cameras, gaming equipment, and more.


How does the Amazon Affiliate Program work?

As I mentioned earlier that through the Amazon Affiliate Program, you will earn commissions by promoting their products or services on your blog using some unique tracking links or banners. Here is a simple breakdown of how it works:

  • Bloggers sign up for the Amazon Affiliate program and get accepted.
  • They will be provided with unique tracking links or banners to place on their blogs.
  • Access the Amazon Affiliate portal and start grabbing your affiliate links.
  • Bloggers place their unique affiliate links on their blogs.
  • Visitors coming to your blog purchase through your unique affiliate links and by that you will earn a certain commission.


How much commission will you earn with the Amazon Affiliate program?

Depending on how you are promoting your affiliate links, you will expect to earn somewhere between $50 to more than $50,000 from the Amazon Affiliate program. This may also vary depending on the type and price of the product(s) you are promoting. Not all Amazon products will make you a good commission.

The most valuable or high commission product category is luxury beauty products, you will expect to earn a flat 10% commission from this category, and the low commission category being products such as gift cards, wireless service plans, Amazon Appstore, Prime Now, and more. I recommend you to read and understand the Amazon Affiliate program’s commission rates before choosing any products or services to promote.

Amazon Affiliate Program: A Simple Guide to Boost Income

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

In simple steps:

  • Setup your blog
  • Go to the Amazon affiliate program page and click sign up
  • Provide your account information
  • Provide your website
  • Create a username a.k.a store ID
  • Give a brief description of how you are planning to promote your affiliate links
  • Choose your preferred payment method
  • Get to the Amazon affiliate dashboard and start creating your affiliate links.


Amazon Affiliate Program Rules and Requirements

As an Amazon Associate, you have to meet some program requirements to join and you have to follow some program rules when promoting your affiliate links. Let me point out some of the Amazon Affiliate Program rules and requirements that in my opinion, you need to take into proper considerations. You can also read them over here and understand their concepts.

  • Make sure that when visitors are coming to your blog where you are promoting the Amazon Affiliate links, you clearly state that you are being compensated when they make purchases through your affiliate links available on your blog.
  • Do not spam your affiliate links in anyways or more e.g emails or WhatsApp groups.
  •  Avoid link shorteners since they already provide you with a link shortener system.


How to Create your Amazon Affiliate Links


  • Log into your Amazon Associate a.k.a affiliate account
  • Navigate to product linking
  • Search for the product that you want to promote
  • Select get link
  • Grab your link and start promoting

How do Amazon Affiliates get paid?

After you have promoted your affiliate links and made some commissions, it’s now payday. To get your commissions in your own hands, you will have to choose between different payment methods such as direct deposit, Amazon gift card, or check. I recommend you choose direct deposit to avoid any complications.


When do Amazon Affiliates get paid?

As an Amazon Affiliate, you will get paid on net-60 days. As long as you have reached the payment threshold which is $100. That’s why I hate this affiliate program.


Final Thoughts

The Amazon Affiliate program is free for every blogger and easy to get accepted into. Just make sure to choose the right product that suits your audience and your blog content. Make sure that the product categories have a high commission to reach the payment threshold  ($100). Follow all the program rules a.k.a conditions and avoid spamming.

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