Air India flight attendant calms baby on-board, father appreciates airline


A heartwarming video of a Tata-owned Air India flight attendant carrying a baby girl to calm her down is going viral on the internet. The plane in the video is packed with passengers while the attendant walks down the aisle with the baby. The kind gesture of the cabin crew member was acknowledged by the baby’s father, who uploaded the video of the man walking up and down the aisle with the baby girl in his hands. The video is being liked by the netizens and has already received more than 2 million views and over 200,000 likes on the social media platform.

The flight attendant seen pacing back and forth with the infant has been identified as Neil Malkam. In the video, the infant seems to be very at ease around the unfamiliar person after her small walk with the steward on the flight. Additionally, it showed the member of the cabin crew consoling the girl as she dozed off on his shoulder. Neil Malkam, the flight attendant, was also tagged by Venkatesh in his video.

The video was shared on Instagram with the caption saying, “Really appreciate the sweet gesture of a staff, It was a surprise when my daughter felt comfort lying on the steward’s shoulder, thanks to him. Lots of changes on this trip after Tata’s takeover.”  He later added, “Update: I found the gentleman in my video, it’s @neil_nitin_ub thanks to all for making this viral and made it to reach him.”

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The netizens appreciated the Air India flight attendant’s gesture. One of the netiznes commented on the post saying, “Woow… Great man Great Heart,” while a fourth commented, “Such an amazing gesture @neil_nitin_ub really proud of you, your kindness is just speechless and you just stole my you guys absolutely lucky to have such amazing Gentlemen.”

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