8 Male K-Pop Idols Who Are The True Definition Of Aegyo (Part 1)


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Aegyo are adorable baby-like expressions that many K-Pop idols do in a bid to thrill and excite fans with their cute charms. Often in a high pitched voice or making cute expressions, these acts are often one of the most requested fans as it often shows even the most buff and strongest idols in a softer and cuter light that many can find endearing.

While many idols effortlessly pull off this act, others just by their every movement and action are a living definition of the term. From their visuals to their personalities, here are some of the male idols who are the real-life versions of aegyo.

Can we make a list of idols with the baby-like faces and personalities without adding the one who is the definition of the term? Absolutely not. We bet you if you search for the word aegyo, Google will respond with “take a look at JunKyu”. One of the most handsome idols today, JunKyu’s beauty indeed stems from his adorable personality that has made everyone fall helplessly in love with him.

Sunoo is undoubtedly one of the most handsome K-Pop idols today. However, his attractiveness doesn’t just lie with his physical appearance alone but with his adorable personality which one can truly see with his actions. He is a cutie in all aspects as his every expressions and action are not just swoon-worthy but also very endearing and appealing.

HanBin is like a fairy tale being whose every action will send spark waves of happiness into your life. He has a magic in his presence that is so precious and irresistibly charming. From his voice to his visuals, and his whimsical actions, HanBin is the true form of aegyo and for a brighter day, you should just look at his face.

HaVit is another idol whose adorable nature we simply find adorable and attractive. He might be one of the oldest in the group but age has nothing to do with cuteness. From his stunningly attractive eyes that with one gaze will have you swooning in admiration to his charming smile and loud laugh that makes the world feel like a better place, HaVit is one that beautifully personifies the term “aegyo”.

From his interactions with his members and fans, you can tell why many constantly dote on him. He is like an adorable puppy you just want to shield and protect from the world. With his bright smile, silly antics, and shy but ever so quirky nature, I.N is one who in our opinion is constantly in the state of aegyo and has everyone in the palm of his soft hands.

CRAVITY is filled with many members whose cute charms are in line with the theme of this article but there is something about SeongMin that just makes our hearts melt. He effortlessly exudes such a lovely aura that makes even when he is doing the simplest things look so precious and amusing.

DRIPPIN‘s Kim MinSeo has a level of innocence that many find so kind and refreshingly attractive. This is perhaps one of the why his members often dote on him. His cuteness level will simply make your heart weak and you can’t help but want to shower him with all the love and attention.

AMAZING‘s Son DongPyo is cute in every variation, styling, and synonym of the term. Watching him, it feels like cute is his natural state, and in that, he consistently draws your attention as you will no doubt, find yourself feeling a sense of happiness and laughter that emanates from his adorable antics.

Which of these idols’ aegyo charms are you drawn to the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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