7 Vocal Performances That Prove That SF9’s DaWon Is More Than Your Average Main Vocalists


There are many K-Pop idols whose vocal talents are not duly recognized or appreciated, perhaps due to the large members in their groups, they do not get as many lines, or due to the preferred sound or style of their songs, their vocals are not as projected as it should be. One of the idols who perhaps falls in the former is SF9’s DaWon. SF9 is undoubtedly one of the most talented and well-rounded groups in K-Pop today, and their impressive laurels and records speak for itself. With 9 members, it is not as easy to spotlight the talents of all of them in the space of 3 to 4 minutes. While they no doubt shine individually in their songs, but it sometimes feels like an appetizer and we greedily want the full course.

DaWon is an enigmatic force of nature who has got many swooning in sheer awe and admiration for his endless charms. From his alluring visuals to his hilarious personality, and immeasurable talents, since his debut with the group, he has been steadily amassing recognition and respect for his works. One of his main charms is his vocals. With his group’s songs and performances, we often hear glimpses of his ingenuity that piques our interest and curiosity. These wow factor moments have led to us craving endlessly for a much wholesome feel of his vocals and over the last couple of years, he has been thrilling fans with covers that do not just highlight his vocal tone but beautifully show off his technique and versatility as an artist.

Here are some of our favorite performances that prove he is so much better than the average main vocalist in K-Pop today.

1. ‘Sacrifice’

The Weeknd‘s songs are never easy to cover because of his unique high pitch tone and many often do not do his songs proper justice. But DaWon does this with a level of finesse that is just amazing. His voice is simply sexy. Honey drip-like, it is silky and soft. His intonations are so good too. His range as usual is very impressive and he beautifully sings this song in such an easy way that makes it so pleasing and enjoyable to listen to. With its groovy rhythm, don’t be surprised if, while you’re falling in love with his voice and dancing along to the song. This sound suits him pretty well and maybe we need disco inspired song from him if he ever gives us a solo album.

‘Eight’ by IU is already a joy to listen to but with DaWon’s soft vocals, that feeling is somehow heightened as you feel a rush of excitement clouded and wrapped up in a heavenly bliss, a rush, and sensation that makes your heart beat so fast in pure happiness and excitement. DaWon vocals hold such magic. It is pure and sincere and this kind of trait is one that makes his covers so unique. HwiYoung is such a beautiful addition here. With his rich deep tone, he adds a refreshing element to the song that makes it even more satisfying.

Is The Weeknd one of DaWon’s favorite artists? Because he covers his songs so beautifully well. Oh, his vocals! We are completely speechless. It is laced with diamonds and gold. His vocals are a drug and we are addicted. There are simply no words that would give his vocals the perfect praise they deserve. His harmony with InSeong is perhaps one of the best we have ever heard. The high notes! Get off our necks sirs! InSeong! We already know how ridiculously perfect his vocals are but time and time again, he surprises us and keeps us on our toes, showing us new colors that are just the most beautiful to see. And YoungBin, who knew rap could sound this melodic and tender? He was just the perfect icing on the cake of such a delightful and tasty performance. This is a song that The Weeknd, SF9, FANTASYs, and music lovers will be proud of.

BLACKPINK‘s songs are such a thrill to cover and listen to. Before we get to his amazing vocals, yet again. Can we talk about the unmistakable joy that can be found in his voice? It is almost like you can see him dancing in the studio while recording this song. His emotions transcend beautifully through his vocals, making this song even more entertaining to listen to. Now his vocals, there is a growl element in his voice that is quite similar to that of a Rockstar. This speaks to his versatility in his technique as with his other covers, this element is not noticeable. Perhaps in the future, he gives us a rock cover that fully showcases his incredible range. Yoo HweSeung and Theo did an amazing job too with this song. Now we do not know what is in the FNC waters but we also want to have a taste because the level of talent in that building is outstanding.

5. ‘Dynamite’

A BTS cover is never a bad idea as they simply make some of the best songs we’ve ever listened to. But how did he sound like all the 7 members? With the first note, we had to recheck if it was the DaWon cover version we were actually listening to. His versatility strikes yet again! That is one of his gifts! How did he do this? That high note!! We have simply no words other than to say Stan DaWon! He is magic!

6. ‘Stay’

Is DaWon not the perfect package? He is handsome, adorable, funny, and stylish. He can also sing, rap, and dance better than most. At this point, we might sound whipped but that is because we are, and frankly, who wouldn’t be? Of the billion covers of this song, this has to be one of the top 5 favorites. Once again, in this cover of The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber‘s song, his vocals are the synonym for beautiful. Clear, vibrant, and filled with such a power that would serve as an energy boost or rush to the mind, he covers this song with such brilliance, giving us the same feelings as the original version but still adding his own flair and technique that makes it a DaWon song.

7. ‘Hold On’

Yet another superb cover of a Justin Bieber song, at this point, as fans of music, we have come to the collective agreement that DaWon for the longevity of his successful career will never disappoint with his performances. He is a gift that keeps giving and we are greedy because we will always keep receiving and requesting for more! Who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t want to bask in a heavenly bliss that is derived from the angelic vocal cords of a talented individual? No one would get tired of the sheer feeling of happiness and pleasure that stems from listening to DaWon and while we wait for more covers or fingers crossed for a solo debut, we will be listening to all of his songs on repeat.

Which of these covers are you going to be listening to on repeat? We recommend all but let us know in the comments section below.

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